Portal Features
  • Full employee engangement platform as entry point into company business solutions such as their core HR.
  • Branded and sub-branded sites seamlessly integrated
  • News and communications can be created from automated social feeds, or curated content for different employee populations
  • Content can be categorised and tagged for full enterprise search
  • Fully configurable event calendar with inbuilt alerting to relevant groups
  • Collaboration features to facilitate communications including social features - employees can add likes, comments and discussions
  • Interactive maps of locations, people, or other geographics items of interest - including multi-site management and KPI reporting
  • Company Directory - find people by name, job title, key skills
  • Push notifications for upcoming events or key news items, including mobile app for iPhone, Android and Windows
  • Single sign-on with federated authentication using social media accounts


HR Features
  • Personal data validation and alerts to keep you legal (e.g right to work, working time directive)
  • Timeline of assignments (including multiple job management)
  • Full employee and manager self service - available though any device
  • Easy new starter process to ensure accurate capture of all essential data
  • Individual absence/availability calendar and team view of absence
  • Holiday accruals automatically calculated and displayed to employee
  • Includes Disciplinary, Grievance and Health & Safety in core package
  • Flexible delegation managed through self-service
  • Suite of reports and alerts along with role-based dashboards to faciliate core HR management


Perform Features
  • Different performance periods and review templates can be configured for different populations
  • Fully configurable appraisal forms to fit process, rating scales and competencies to your business
  • 9-box grid and performance tracking charts
  • Full workflow and alerting included to facilitate the process
  • Central tracking of performance process
  • Ad hoc and continuous performance management can be run alongside formal performance review periods
  • Can include additional reviewers in addition to manager


Workforce Management

Fit for the digital age - promises to deliver the latest innovation for continually improving the productivity of your teams

Coming mid-2017

SHIFT Features
  • Scheduling – easily plan and manage team member shifts to best meet business needs whilst ensuring fair and equitable working vs contract hours and availability
  • Visualisation - In built graphs and colour coded alerts allow managers to easily see how they are performing and take action to ooptimise the productivity of their teams
  • Absence – Manage all forms of absence, including time off requests, multi-site working and offsite activities all displayed onto the weekly schedule
  • Budget and Forecasts – Plan and track your sales and labour against budget and forecasts and view the shape of day to enable more accurate schedules
  • Forecast metrics – see the shape of your week dynamically change to reflex your individual variances such as Sales forecast, Promotional Activities, Local events etc.
  • One Platform – PC and Mobile friendly views that work seamlessly alongside other modules and shared features of the elementsuite platform
  • Daily Dashboard and Reporting – easily see how well you are performing as the week unfolds with automated alerts to prompt attention where required
  • Time and Attendance – Accurately capture hours worked each and everyday to seamlessly feed end week payroll with actual time worked for your employees


Recruit Features
  • Create vacancies according to pre-configured templates
  • Job board integration
  • Branded candidate portal to search for vacancies and view on map
  • Online application form based upon application templates
  • Screening, candidate management and applicant tracking
  • Seamless integration to element HR


Learn Features
  • Different learning maps can be configured for different roles
  • Unlocking of learning content dependent on completion of pre-requisites - mandatory training and dependencies can be configured
  • Training calendar showing all scheduled training for employee or team
  • Team view of training progress
  • Managers and employees can book local ad hoc training and coaching sessions
  • Full suite of reports and alerts to facilitate interactions between participants, managers and training administrators
  • Generate personal training certificates for trainee's own record
  • Enhanced features include wait listing, accommodations requests, and tracking team skill levels to focus training to eliminate scheduling capability gaps

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The only single unified HR, WFM

and Employee Engagement Software

People software from Succeed

elementsuite is a collection of modular elements that you can pick 'n' mix to configure a system that puts your people first.

Succeed's Clients

Transform the way you engage, empower and inspire your people through instant communication, collaboration and secure access to personal details.
Keep legal and compliant with accurate and up to date core HR records. Reduce the HR admin burden and put your employees and managers in control.
Track, manage and improve individual and team performance. Obtain real insight into which employees are performing, where training is needed and who's excelling
Manage your business and avoid your business managing you; this can be achieved by optimising your workforce by aligning your people and business needs to external demands.
Save time, improve internal communication and provide a great candidate experience. Deploy as part of elementsuite or as a standalone element
Our full end to end learning management solution helps you seamlessly manage all your employees' learning from mandatory training to career-enabling development.

Configure your unique solution


Choose categories

Select the core elements you require from the list below.


Pick 'n' mix

Select/deselect individual elements to tailor the system to your needs.


No. of employees

Select the number of employees, and click 'Configure' for your indicative cost.

Personal Details

Hold all your employees personal records in one central place

Job Assignments

Not every organisation has linear assignment paths; caters for multiple roles

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees to view and own their own data via any device

Manager Self Service

Give your Managers full or partial control over their teams data

Absence Management

Easy to con gure absence management, requests and approvals

Employee Docs

Employee contracts, training certi cation and other personal documentation held in one place


Hire an applicant into elementHR, or another interfaced system

Organisation Structure

Create you own organisation hierarchy and view in a drillable org chart

Right to Work

Sleep safe in the knowledge that your organisation is fully compliant with all documents stored within the system

Contract Management

Generation, management and storage of employees contracts through the employee life cycle

Disciplinary and Grievance

Track and hold all of your D&G processes within elementsuite

Health & Safety Incidents

Record and hold all health & safety incident data within elementsuite

News & Comms

Publish internal and external news. Include news feeds and alerts to keep your content fresh

People & Organisation

Find out who’s who. Find people by name, job title, key skills etc.

Connect & Collaborate

Instant collaboration within groups via an internal blog area. Includes tags, likes & comments

Document Repository

Employee documents, URL links to data in one place. Closed or open folders available

Surveys, Quizzes & Polls

Obtain authentic feedback/opinions regularly from your employees. Includes pulse surveys

Enterprise Search

Search for content quickly and easily using this powerful search feature

Maps & Info

Interactive map of locations. Filters allow for different types of geographic items of interest to be presented

Content Editor

Create your own engagement content from company values, heritage to company bene ts etc

Events Calendar

A consolidated work calendar for all company and group events. Fully con gurable with inbuilt alerts


Consolidated view of an employees applications. Single sign-on available


Alerts and noti cations pushed directly to mobile devices to notify employees

Employee Proile

Ability for employees to upload a pro le picture and personalise their profile data

Applicant Portal

Internal and External applicant portal that can be styled to your business & surfaced through your website

Create Vacancies

Empower your managers to create their own vacancies, or just the ability to request

Job Board Integration

Integration with all the main job boards at the click of a button

Recruitment Templates

Create standard and tailored templates for positions within your business

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process can be driven by role eg. number of interview stage, approvals etc.

Vacancy Management

Manage vacancies across the full life cycle as a manager or as an administrator

Application Management

View applications for a vacancy, and distribute applications between open vacancies & pools

Candidate Pooling

Ability to pool candidates and open up pooled candidates to other potential roles within the business

Candidate Management

Manage candidates as they move through the applicant journey, with event driven emails


Automatically screen candidates based upon pre-con gured question and answer sets

Email Templates

Managers can select from a suite of standard templates at each stage of the recruitment process

Offer & Hire

Notify candidates of offer. Seamless integration with elementHR or another interfaced HR system for new starter on-boarding

Workload and Budgets

Create accurate ‘shape of day’ workload and run budget modeling/ scenarios

Forecasts and Targets

Improved daily forecast accuracy and better allocate target hours

Daily Dashboard

Daily dashboard with intuitive work ow and alerts to target action

Multiple Assignments

Set-up employees for additional roles or working in different locations

Absence Management

Easy to con gure absence management, requests and approvals

Schedule Planning

Plan and manage schedules in line with target hours and ‘shape of day’

Shift Changes

Request shift swaps and get noti ed of approved changes or any un lled shifts

Task Assignment

Assign tasks to employees on their shifts and track progress


Accurately capture hours worked each day

Self Assessment

Self assessment of personal performance against agreed company & individual objectives

Managers Assessment

Review an individuals strengths, weaknesses and potential in line with agreed objectives

360° Feedback

Employees can request feedback to peers, managers and sub- ordinates via a fully integrated process

Career Path

Employees can track their progress against their personalised career path

9-Box Grid

Identify your talent pool and view employees’ potential rating versus current performance

Benchmarking Charts

Visualise and drill down into team and individual performance scores

Progress Tracking

View who’s on track and focus on monitoring and managing activity

Performance History

View and compare employees historical performance results

Supporting Documents

Upload and store supporting documents against a performance record

e-Learning Content

Create and upload your own content such as documents, videos and interactive tests

On Job Assessments

Assess your workforce in real-time and on the move; receive instant results

Training Path

A beautiful modern view for Managers and Employees of their training roadmap with real-time progress

Training Administration

Schedule training sessions, attendees, and manage cost from one simple dashboard

SCORM Compliant

Seamlessly integrates with other e-learning content

Course Evaluations

Capture both pre and post course aspirations and feedback

Training Collaboration

Talk to fellow course attendees after your training; share both examples and real life experiences

Training Alerts

The system noti es employees when refresher training is required. Keeps your business compliant


Manage training demands using the waitlisting feature within elementsuite

Ad-hoc Payments

Manage bonuses, deductions, and additional payments alongside core compensation

Payroll Admin

View which departments / teams within your company has processed their timesheets for the period

Approve Payable Time

View and approve worked hours and calculate gross pay

Payroll Integration

Generate a le and automate your integration to and from your payroll provider

Tronc Payments

Captures, calculates and processes Tronc payments within your organisation

Payroll Bureau

Option for fully managed payroll bureau service with net pay calculation

Online Payslips

Give employees access to their payslips

Pay Review

Capture managers’ pay allocations directly and apply uplifts automatically after approvals

Number of employees


Lines of code


Days consulting




People solution

The best of both worlds

Unlike most SaaS software, elementsuite can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business without affecting the core product and codeline. Rapid implementation via our unique implementation methodology delivers a faster return on investment, and a market-leading user experience ensures easy adoption for users.

I needed a cloud-based HR solution, based upon a subscription pricing, but I found it very difficult to find a product that I could extend to accommodate our business differentiators and different market legislations. elementsuite offered me the benefits of a best practice HR cloud platform with the flexibility to seamlessly extend the core product and integrate it to our needs.

Retail Director
Retail, 15,000 employees


elementsuite offers best practice HR in the cloud and ongoing access to innovation, based on a simple and transparent pricing model.


Choose the elements you want. Configure your new people system based on these elements or select the elements you need to augment your current system.


Mould elements to your brand and empower your people with an intuitive and easy to use people system.


Have peace of mind and be 100% confident that you are meeting all legislative requirements and company policies.


Encapsulating specific company needs/policies and legal/statutory requirements into ‘extensions’ provides the assurance that elementsuite not only follows best practice, but can easily be configured and extended to meet specific business requirements without affecting the core product and codeline.

Our biggest asset is our people, and they are the key to our future. By offering the opportunity to develop and provide flexible working hours based on our guest patterns, we will continue to be their choice of employer.

Managing Director

Communications on demand

Tap into the power of element Portal and apply the latest thinking to engage your employees, increase communication and improve performance.

element HR provides managers with complete insight and control of all their people and scheduling activities whilst aligning with regulatory and compliance laws.

Director of HR, Retail

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