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Everything you need in an HRIS and more. elementsuite is a full-suite HR and Workforce Management software that ushers in a new era of innovation and efficiency with an all-in-one platform that covers the entire employee lifecycle.

Take away the hours you spend on admin, on spreadsheets and on emails, as we offer an interactive, modern, and comprehensive solution for all your HR and Workforce Management needs, handling your organisation’s requirements all the way from recruitment-handling and pay validation to auto-generating rotas with demand forecasts and making personalised reports.

But how did this all come about?

The HR and Workforce Management software space is dominated by conventional and typical contenders. But ultimately, these old-fashioned usual suspects are unlikely to be fit for purpose in today’s rapidly technologically advancing world. Whilst some providers attempt to have it all, their legacy technology lets them down, and others give excellent best of breed solutions, but then you have to deal with a spaghetti bowl of costly and hassle-inducing integrations. An un-ideal headache at best.

We’re a disruptor in this pattern, and the beating heart of a new generation of HCM solutions. Adopting a continuous deployment technology methodology, elementsuite ensures that you always have the best-in-class modules, features and unwavering support to meet the entire organisation’s needs, as embodied by our 24/7 HR assistant and our AI tool, ELLA. Make your life easier with one platform that stays up to date on the latest tech innovations. Save time. Save money. Save yourself the hassle.

We wanted to create something that keeps it real; with real answers and real information in real-time. Born out of the frustration of many years working with over-engineered, expensive ERP mega-systems and the associated difficulties and costs of integrating best-of-breed patchwork, elementsuite has been designed to provide seamless solutions for your organisation’s unique requirements.

Designed by industry-leading and renowned innovators with over 25 years of knowledge and experience, elementsuite universalises your processes with one simplified yet agile platform that stands at the forefront of technological advances in the industry. Your data and records in one place. Your tasks and actions in one place. Your reports and analysis in one place. You name it, it’s in your future-proof world of work.

So, did our vision become reality? Well, today we are proud to see elementsuite as a renowned, highly reputable, full employee life-cycle HR and Workforce Management platform – a perfect solution for offering you incomparable choice and flexibility. A SaaS solution, built on a single, robust platform that delivers a single source of HR record. A unique methodology for fast deployment, APIs and accessible insights. With refreshingly new frictionless technology, we’ve reinvented the way HR and Workforce Management is run. We are your all-encompassing world of work: A solution that works in harmony with your people and your processes.

Today, elementsuite boasts a portfolio of world-renowned brands who stand at the forefront of innovation, including McDonald’s, Travelodge, Five Guys, TGI Fridays and many more. And there’s no sign of slowing down. By continually leading the industry through pioneering the latest technological developments in HR and Workforce Management software, elementsuite is the obvious choice for those who want to stay ahead of the game. Stay ahead of the curve. Keep in stride. Lead your organisation to success.

We understand that businesses grow and adapt, and with this, their HR and Workforce Management software needs to too. This is why elementsuite provides not only the necessary and nifty tools to ensure operational seamlessness, but leads the way on industry developments in tech to align with organisations’ and employees’ changing preferences. Our single code line and agile implementation methodologies mean you can embrace new approaches and new technologies faster than ever. Don’t get left behind in the continually evolving world of HR software.

Created around answering what you need, elementsuite delivers solutions to your organisation’s unique requirements. Whether it’s HR, finance, ops or frontline employees, elementsuite gives you the tailored experience you expect from an HR and Workforce Management solution. Your dashboards are customisable for you. Your digital library has the documents you need. Your portal is your perfect perspective into the organisation. Make the complex feel simple.

Nothing beats the experience of seeing elementsuite in action. It’s flexible, scalable and easy to use by everyone.

Whether you’re HR, Finance, IT or Ops, experience your new world of work first-hand.

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