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Whether you’re a parent organisation that wants your franchisees to work from one universal system with set conditions, or a franchisee that needs the perfect touchpoint for all your employees, elementsuite provides an all-round HR and workforce management platform. From performance and learning to shift allocation and accurate pay, handle all your needs in one place. One platform for all your people data. One touchpoint for all your employees. One happy franchise business.


Standardise HR processes

Ensure consistency across all your brands’ HR processes


Real-time workforce visibility

Monitor eEmployee schedules, performance, and productivity across different locations


Fully scalable and flexible

Easily accommodate a growing workforce and evolving organisational needs

Make smarter decisions for your business with all the information you need in one place

Manage complex shifts

Create operations dashboards

Apply your existing rules

Delegate administrative tasks

Make working for you a delight

Joining your business is easy for new employees, and easy for you too

Attract the right employees for your business by easily sharing job vacancies via elementsuite’s integration with the job boards of your choice.

Good to go from the start

Make the onboarding process smoother than ever with simple eSignature contract-signing, stored on employee records to access at any point. Save time by enabling the employees to complete right to work, compliance training and learning before they even start their shifts. Seamless processes. Increased productivity.

Retain employees with branded, personalised and site-based communications that talk directly with individuals, keeping everyone happy, updated and engaged.

Improve skills and performance

Easy training roadmaps and clear career pathways help you develop your employees and ensure effective succession planning according to your franchise’s operating model. Run performance and pay reviews linked to performance insights from elementsuite’s user-friendly dashboards, KPI charts and leaderboards.

One password to check rotas? Another to check payslips? No thanks. Say goodbye to shuffling between platforms and enable employees to view their payslips in their all-in-one mobile-friendly world of work.

Visualise and manage every aspect of your finances to meet your franchise’s unique business objectives.

Accurately forecast staffing requirements

Increase payroll accuracy

Manage finances across multiple sites

Working with multiple brands? No problem.

elementsuite offers brand-specific configurations for franchises, allowing you to streamline operations and consolidate reporting, all in one hassle-free place

Growing more rapidly than ever? Our system is easily scalable, meaning it grows with your business as you take on more brands.

Branded employee portals

Customise the login experience for employees and managers, so that their unique portal matches the specific brand they are working under, while still being seamlessly integrated into one comprehensive system.

Run branded communications

Share content that uniquely reflects each brand – even for complex organisations with multiple brands on the same platform. Provide targeted communications to employees within different departments and business units to drive engagement.

Free your organisation from the shackles of tedious manual admin. Are you an Ops Director that wants optimise staff schedules to meet fluctuating demand? Or a HR Manager that wants to ensure a seamless onboarding process for new recruits? Perhaps you’re a frontline worker who wants to easily swaps shifts with your colleagues, and validate your hours prior to pay day? Whatever it is you need, elementsuite is the all-encompassing platform that empowers each and every part of the organisation.

Unique HR challenges for Franchises

Not enough attention has been given to the unique human resources challenges faced by the franchising business model.

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The HR Software your franchise business has been waiting for

Discover how elementsuite can help you efficiently manage the unique HR requirements of your franchise business.

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Stop getting tangled up with multi-location employee scheduling

Scheduling staff across multiple locations to satisfy the peaks and troughs of your business demands is a sticky problem.

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Nothing beats the experience of seeing elementsuite in action. It’s flexible, scalable and easy to use by everyone.

Whether you’re HR, Finance, IT or Ops, experience your new world of work first-hand.

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