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Your World of Operations

From building highly accurate labour models to balancing your budgets, you can do it all with your one-stop ops shop. Allocate your resources in line with business objectives, deliver operational efficiency and reduce costs like never before. Always ensure your people are in the right place, at the right time.

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Meet fluctuating demand

Forecast labour requirements in line with local weather, nearby events, company-wide promotions, and much more. No more over- and under-staffing. Increase efficiency and reduce costs


Your shape of day

Auto-generate rotas down to 15-minute intervals with multi- channel data that considers a plethora of requirements, from staff availability to compliance and so much more


Empower employees

Productivity is maximised with employees being able to easily complete admin tasks from their mobile device. From picking up shifts to validating hours, staff can do it all at the click of a button

Whatever industry you’re in, demand fluctuation is inevitable. Easily align your workforce with changing market conditions and seasonal shifts. Whether it’s nearby events, local weather or a new company-wide promotion, elementsuite forecasts your labour requirements down to 15-minute intervals and lets you know if you have the right people available to meet demand. Increase efficiency. Prevent over- and under-staffing. Stay ahead of your workforce capacity.

Attracting the right people with the right skillsets is key to ensuring smooth operations across your organisation. elementsuite’s recruitment module makes it easy to secure the right personnel by streamlining the process of finding talent. Use existing templates or the AI assistant, ELLA, to provide your hiring managers with insights on ideal candidate requirements, giving them the details to create job descriptions and automatically push vacancies across a variety of job boards.

Want your people to hit the ground running? Now they can. With all onboarding activity – including digitally signed contracts, right to work document checks, and even mandatory training – being completed by employees before their first shift, not a moment of time is wasted once they start the job. Not only will your employees be compliance-checked and equipped with the right skills to immediately begin work, but you can also ensure they are engaged from the outset, helping you to lower turnover rates and reduce the overall cost of hiring. Grow and adapt your workforce with ease. Increase productivity. Keep operations running smoothly.

Taking employees out of the business for training compromises productivity and increases costs, but this development is key for ensuring your workforce is consistently upskilled and compliant. Now, you can upload key resources into one interactive library and reduce the reliance on training days and workshops. Encourage learning and development with one easy-to-use training platform that provides a company-branded learner-friendly experience. What’s more, your employees can access their training, whether business-wide or role-specific, from any device, at any time.

Say goodbye to the excel spreadsheets you have stuck on the wall. Leave it to elementsuite to auto-generate all your rotas using multi-channel data that considers staff availability, absence requirements, compliance and more to build highly accurate labour models. Optimise efficiency by tailoring staff schedules to your anticipated demand by week, day or even down to 15-minute intervals. Rest easy knowing that you have the right staff, in the right place without any extra effort. Save time. Save costs.

Every employee can view their rota, swap shifts, pick up additional shifts (even in different locations) and tell you when they can and can’t work – all from their mobile device. But don’t worry, you can set the rules to only enable employees with the same skillset to swap shifts, prevent them from going over maximum hours and lots more, as well as enable managers to authorise any changes. Stay in control whilst empowering your people.

You’ll always know who’s worked where and when with elementsuite’s sophisticated geo-fencing functionality. Employees can validate their hours worked on a daily basis and managers need only verify and check exceptions, all before payroll is processed. Have a clear understanding of total gross pay expenditure and provide your organisation with a clear view of cashflow ahead of time, enabling strategic decision-making.

Clearly view info-rich real-time dashboards on workforce management, staff turnover, absence and lots more. Get an overview of your organisational performance and analytics as well as customised reports for your streamlined operational planning. Increase visibility. Get insights. Drive business improvements with ease.

Your world of work is right at your fingertips, from any device, anytime, anywhere. elementsuite empowers you, your employees and your organisation to excel like never before. Our technology supports you in managing your employees with precision and personalisation. Choose a revolutionary all-in-one platform that powers up your people in exciting new ways. Faster. Easier. Smarter.

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