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Shake up your world of work with a full-suite, innovative and AI-enabled enterprise HR and Workforce Management platform. Your people processes, data, analytics, integrations and everything else all in one place.

And your entire world of work is right at your fingertips, from any device, anytime, anywhere. elementsuite empowers you, your employees and your organisation to excel like never before.

Optimise resources. Increase productivity. Improve performance.

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Your comprehensive all-in-one solution

Proud to be UK HR and WFM tech

Designed and developed all out of our innovation hub in Watford

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Innovation is in our DNA

elementsuite is the beating heart of new generation HCM solutions. Adopting a continuous deployment methodology, ensuring you always have the best-in-class features and modules

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We invest in the platform

We ensure that our clients have the most up-to-date HR technologies and no one gets left behind with outdated tech

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We work in partnership with you

elementsuite works shoulder-to-shoulder with you throughout the process, so you’re never alone

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Your option against the usual suspects

We all know that the old-fashioned usual suspects are no longer fit for purpose. elementsuite not only provides clients with the latest HR tech developments with its flexibility and agility, but does so all while being cost-effective.

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We’re a growing company

ISO27001 compliant, elementsuite is a growing company at 40% ARR year-on-year

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With refreshingly new frictionless technology, elementsuite has reinvented the way HR and WFM is run. It’s an all-encompassing world of work, a solution that works in harmony with an organisation’s own unique people and processes.

Configurable to your needs, our technology supports you in managing your employees with precision and personalisation.

With elementsuite, organisations can streamline operations by eliminating the complexities of intricate tech stacks, data replication delays, and persistent data security risks. elementsuite is crafted to consolidate all processes into one user- friendly platform.

elementsuite offers an unrivalled efficiency-increasing and cost-saving solution that compresses endless hours of admin into one automated, seamless, and coherent platform.

elementsuite adopts a continuous deployment technology methodology, ensuring clients always have the best-in-class models, alongside unwavering support to meet the entire organisation’s needs.

Built into your organisation with a single code line, elementsuite is scalable, flexible, AI-enabled and primed to embrace your future, whatever it looks like.

Your world of work is right at your fingertips, from any device, anytime, anywhere. elementsuite empowers you, your employees and your organisation to excel like never before.

ELLA heralds a new era of AI-driven data management, establishing interconnected data landscape and advancing HR data abstractions to facilitate easier decision-making processes, whilst operating with the data security of elementsuite’s platform through authorised and authenticated access.

Moving beyond mere content creation, ELLA functions as an around-the-clock HR assistant, simplifying an array of HR demands, whether it’s generating mortgage reference letters or providing support for employee onboarding, HR can wave goodbye to the tedious and repetitive tasks that weigh down HR departments, and instead focus on strategic and transformational tasks.

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All-in-one HR Software

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Recruitment and Onboarding

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Employee Engagement

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Integrated Payroll

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Forecasting and Planning

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AI in HR

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Workforce Management

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Learning and Development

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Time and Attendance

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Staff Scheduling

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Performance and Appraisals

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Dashboards and Reporting

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At the heart of elementsuite lies a foundational commitment to supporting the scalability of organisations, a cornerstone that has consistently set us apart.

This commitment to supporting scalability remains at the core of elementsuite’s full-suite software, ensuring that as businesses expand, our solution seamlessly expands with them, setting the stage for enduring success in the dynamic landscape of human resources.

During the entire course of your project, you can rest assured knowing you’re never alone. Implementation processes for enterprise organisations involve give and take from both vendor and client, and it’s all about working shoulder-to-shoulder.

Ultimately, your success is our success. This will never change.

elementsuite understands that data security, confidentiality, and accessibility are crucial to organisations’ operations and strategy.

We provide a, securely accessed via a powerful role-based security model. This means you can rest assured you have security even at the most granular level.

To enable and demonstrate this, elementsuite commits to weekly (yes weekly!) product release updates, rather than bi-annual updates. These updates are not just in relation to infrastructure and security, but full spectrum and total function in scope. The weekly releases contain everything from software patches to product features; reports, dashboards and training materials to account service advice and guidance.

We know that when it comes to engaging with HR and WFM software providers, costs can spiral out of control. Don’t worry, we put our money where our mouth is and undertake our work on fixed price, whilst ensuring you have unrivalled return on investment at all times.

Throughout the implementation process, we always remain transparent – no surprises, no hidden costs, so you’re never in the dark.


Deep configuration

Brand your business

Enhancing the mobile user experience

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APIs & Integrations

Our easy integration builder tool that enables you to have all the technologies you want with all the data security you need. All your data consolidated in one place with automatically generated reports and dashboards for your streamlined analysis and strategic decision-making.

This powerful tool enables you to consolidate the data from all your business information systems in one centralised place. It is the fast and simple way to connect, configure and unify systems to help you to drive business improvements with data synchronicity.

With centralised data it is easy to customise dashboards and reporting to provide each individual with unique and personalised insights into the business. Your ‘single source of truth’ is tailored to your requirements.

Smooth Implementation

Gone are the days of using Excel and Microsoft Projects. You’ll have one simple hub, one single source of truth. Your project plan is carefully drawn using your contract, and you have real-time access to project tracking and project completion throughout the implementation process

By working closely with key members of your project team to drive the scope of the project, your needs and unique requirements are consistently considered. Approachability and open communication are always encouraged so you can ensure you’re always in the loop

To help you along the process, we have created a preparation pack to save you time and share all the information required in the new system with minimal admin and hassle. This includes data migration templates, configuration workbooks and much more.

With our pre-tested and proven-successful implementation methodology, we can get you up and running on-time and on-budget.

Ensure you are all ready to go before the Go-Live with a set of workshops from elementsuite’s delivery team. The ongoing demonstration sessions reinforce knowledge and play back your system configuration to you, so that you know exactly what to expect. These are also the perfect opportunity to polish the system, before rigorous system testing is completed by elementsuite’s fully in-house team.

Working together to scope the unique configuration needs for your HR and Workforce Management system, we will plan the individual stages of your implementation according to you.

“We are thrilled to have gone live with elementsuite to the timeline agreed at the outset of the programme. This is a significant IT transformation programme for Travelodge, affecting every one of our 12,000 colleagues, and it would not have been possible without the hard work, flexibility, and collaborative approach of both the Travelodge and elementsuite teams.” – Hannah Thompson, Chief People Officer, Travelodge, May 2023

Free your organisation from the shackles of tedious manual admin. Are you an Ops Director that wants optimise staff schedules to meet fluctuating demand? Or a HR Manager that wants to ensure a seamless onboarding process for new recruits? Perhaps you’re a frontline worker who wants to easily swaps shifts with your colleagues, and validate your hours prior to pay day? Whatever it is you need, elementsuite is the all-encompassing platform that empowers each and every part of the organisation.