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Introducing AI to Your World of Work

elementsuite’s revolutionary complete AI toolset, ELLA, is pioneering AI in the HR software industry in a characteristically innovative approach that builds upon the grounds of its agile technology.

What is ELLA?

Here to transform your World of Work, ELLA (elementsuite Large Language Assistant) is a completely in-built AI toolset that provides the data security of elementsuite’s platform, whilst accelerating user productivity with all the abilities of an LLM.

ELLA revolutionises HR software with AI-driven capabilities, serving as your 24/7 HR assistant – enhancing productivity whilst ensuring data security. Elevate your HR data management with ELLA, and harness the power of AI within your organisation.

Rather than providing generic output from foundation models, ELLA uses sophisticated AI techniques, enabling her to respond to your requests, using your data, applying your HR data security, in your tone, using your company policies and guidance.

See ELLA in action

elementsuite is a disruptor in the space of traditional and outdated HR software, and in being a full-suite HR and Workforce Management software that ushers in a new era of innovation and efficiency with an all-in-one platform that covers the entire employee lifecycle, it could not be a better fit for industry-leading AI technology.

elementsuite has always strived to break free from the confines of the tedious inefficiencies and inflexibilities that many traditional HR systems still have at their core. ELLA supports its objectives of enhancing user experiences through elevated efficiencies on one universal, easy-to-navigate platform.

“ELLA has two key missions: increasing productivity in a changing world where the workforce talent pool is shrinking whilst ensuring data privacy and security are upheld at all times”.

– Steve Elcock, CEO of elementsuite

Security is at the core of ELLA. With security being of utmost importance at elementsuite, ELLA operates within your dedicated, private security environment, guaranteeing that your data is kept safe and confidential. This approach that embeds AI within your existing HR platform, ensures that your sensitive information is shielded from external threats and unauthorised access, granting you peace of mind.

“Security and data protection are essential to build trust in HR software and for business continuity. With ELLA, HR data is fortified by robust security measures, adhering to industry standards and best practices. ELLA applies the same authentication and authorisation as used through the elementsuite application which only affords the right information access to the right people.”

– Stuart Gentle, Onrec

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Serving as a 24/7 HR assistant, ELLA’s possibilities are endless, from simplifying decision-making to offering data recollection and generating content.

“With the UK Government promoting the UK’s investment in AI to grow and enhance digital business across all industries, ELLA is the first AI-based HR software that empowers organisations to explore the benefits of combining AI intelligence and human HR expertise for remarkable people outcomes.”

– Tom Allen, The AI Journal

ELLA has been seen to streamline HR tasks like never before – supporting people and processes across the entire organisation.

Experience ELLA Live

From writing job descriptions for you to booking candidate’s interview slots, ELLA makes candidate sourcing smoother than ever. Not only does it save you time, but improves candidate experiences with tailored messaging and increased transparency. Allow your candidates to make informed decisions by providing all the knowledge they need, including job responsibilities, company culture, expectations and more early on in the process.

“Draft a job advert for an HR manager working at a large retailer in Cardiff and focusing on people interested in digital transformation.”

Starting a new job at a new company with new people can be daunting, but give your new starters peace of mind knowing their questions can be answered at the click of a button. Being a virtual assistant, ELLA is there to answer those initial questions that helps your people integrate into the organisation confidently and smoothly.

“What are the company regulations for maternity leave?”

By handling routine enquiries, ELLA frees HR of tedious administration tasks. Say goodbye to replying to endless emails because employees can now simply ask ELLA to request absences, view payslips, locate files and much more.

“Please request an absence for Thursday 5th November.”

Enable your employees to view rotas pick up shifts, and swap shifts with another across sites by simply prompting ELLA to complete the action they wish to take. No more time-consuming user interface procedures

“Please show me what days I’m working evening shifts next week.”

And so much more

When it comes to ELLA, treat it like you would any LLM: experiment, play around, and unlock the phenomenal potential to increase your productivity exponentially

HR professionals are approached from all different directions with numerous different tasks. But ELLA’s here to help. Reduce your manual admin – whether it’s answering company questions or writing up personalised mortgage references, ELLA does it all for you. All you have to do is have a quick read over it, and it’s ready to go. ELLA helps you spend time on what matters to you.

“Sam wants a mortgage reference. Please use his data to write a personalised mortgage reference.”

Employee productivity is crucial, and spending time going to HR and shuffling through rotas can take away precious working time. But AI is the death of UI. Cut user interface time exponentially with all questions immediately answered by ELLA at the push of a button.

“What’s the uniform for receptionists?”

What’s more, operations across the organisation are easy to access with live data fed into ELLA at all times.

“Who is working at the Site A at 3pm on Thursday?”

As well as an overview of finances across the organisation with clear visibility dashboards, your finance departments can now get the specific information they need at the time they need quicker than ever.

“What was the total revenue in March this year?”

Seamlessly embedded for your ease

ELLA is embedded with ease into existing elementsuite systems without require any additional implementation action. Don’t worry about browser updates or complex changes – the transition is designed to be effortless.

What’s more, elementsuite’s dedicated in-house customer support teams provides comprehensive training to you learn all about ELLA. The team are committed to guiding you every step of the way, ensuring that staff experience the full benefits of ELLA’s excellent AI-driven capabilities.

Want to find out more?

To learn more about the launch of ELLA, have a read of our press release.

Nothing beats the experience of seeing elementsuite in action. It’s flexible, scalable and easy to use by everyone.

Whether you’re in HR, Finance, IT or Ops, experience your new world of work first-hand.

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