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Your World of Reporting

Streamline strategic decision-making with customisable, real-time, info-rich dashboards that give you a unique and tailored view of all your business data. Drive business improvement with lots of information, in not a lot of words.

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On average, managers spend over 80% of their time on admin work. It can be time-consuming and unproductive. elementsuite’s automated reporting empowers you to make quicker, as well as smarter, decisions based on current data like sales numbers, cash flow, operational data, service delivery, inventory-related data, staff scheduling and staff churn rates. Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets. Decrease your manual labour. Spend time on what matters to you.

Save time with automated reporting

You can not only create transparency across the business with excellent visibility, but also prevent the build-up of hidden problems lurking beneath the surface, be it incorrect staffing levels or a backlog of absence requests, real-time dashboards can reveal the warning signs early. Never miss deadlines again by turning insights into actions with bespoke workflows that alert employees of required tasks, such as signing a new contract after a pay change or completing a certification renewal. Increase clarity. Reduce admin. Boost productivity.

Too often, business systems and processes pull data from siloed locations. It’s usually already out of date, resulting in decisions being based on inaccurate information. elementsuite’s up-to-date dashboards tell you what is happening now by pulling in live data, enabling quick and timely decisions that can have an immediate impact, helping you stay ahead of the curve and avoid hassle.

Get real-time insights

Having different bits of information in different areas means you have to manually cross-check and collate your data to inform your business decisions. But now, you have one single source of truth where you can see potential risks, bottlenecks, what’s working, and what’s not – all in one place. Have all the information you need to create the plan of action to achieve your goals.

Nothing beats the experience of seeing elementsuite in action. It’s flexible, scalable and easy to use by everyone.

Whether you’re HR, Finance, IT or Ops, experience your new world of work first-hand.

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