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Say goodbye to repetitive, tedious and inefficient HR tasks! HR has never been this easy and engaging. Why? You get all your employee actions and HR resources together in one place.

Your employees get their entire world of work when, where and how want it.

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With superior cloud HR software, you’re flying

By disrupting the traditional HR software model with new enterprise-level technology, elementsuite gives you accurate data, advanced analytics and intuitive intelligence. In turn, you get actionable insights to boost employee performance, interactions and happiness.


Improve performance

Achieve significant HR efficiencies across your organisation


Simplify processes

Make complex HR processes quick and easy


Reduce admin

Remove repetitive tasks and endless keying-in

What they need, when they want it

Anywhere, anytime, any device

elementsuite is all about empowering your entire organisation. Within a single app, you have the power and dexterity to manage the entire employee lifecycle from one place, including advanced features that enhance the ways you:


Manage your organisation

View your structure, locations, jobs and positions


Introduce new starters

Seamlessly integrate new starters through mobile onboarding, from sharing training and learning before their first day to sending personalised welcome videos, your employees won’t want to wait to get started


Onboard employees

Share digital handbooks, documents, and contracts for eSignature


Save personal details

All employees’ data in one central location, ensuring your peace of mind with automatic bank account verification tools and postcode lookups. Save time double-checking. Maximise accuracy.


Comply with right to work

Ensure your employees are on the right side of the law!


Handle complex assignments

Manage transfers, secondments, promotions and demotions



Digitally sign all policies, contracts and documents and store them centrally


Access employee files

Locate employee information in your private and secure digital filing cabinet


Manage leavers

Smoothly offboard employees from final holiday pay to exit interviews


Manage absences

Easily view and handle absence requests


Manage documents

Create and save templates and personalised emails


Gain valuable data insights

Get key business insights with clear and easy dashboards and reports

Your world of work is right at your fingertips, from any device, anytime, anywhere. elementsuite empowers you, your employees and your organisation to excel like never before. Our technology supports you in managing your employees with precision and personalisation. Choose a revolutionary all-in-one platform that powers up your people in exciting new ways. Faster. Easier. Smarter.

All-in-one HR Software

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Nothing beats the experience of seeing elementsuite in action. It’s flexible, scalable and easy to use by everyone.

Whether you’re HR, Finance, IT or Ops, experience your new world of work first-hand.

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