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Pushing the boundaries with elementsuite’s Integration Builder

Almost every business, whether it be small, medium, large, or enterprise is using some form of technology to support their business operations. And with 77% of organisations expected to increase their technology budgets in 2023, it is only inevitable that the reliance on technology will continue to grow.

However, as businesses grow and new technologies enter the market, it can become difficult for HR professionals and IT teams to keep pace with the changes. With multiple stand-alone systems, manual processes, and disconnected data sources, organisations are often left dealing with redundant data entry, fragmented reporting, and manual consolidation efforts.

And let’s not forget the hassle of what we like to call “death by log-in”, and the potential security risks associated with multiple access points.

This is where integrations are key to consolidating all your data in one place, streamlining analysis and decision-making.

The Integration Builder

This is where elementsuite’s ‘Integration Builder’ comes in. It is an ideal solution for HR professionals and IT teams who need to have quick access to accurate business insights from multiple systems. It allows organisations to easily and securely connect their elementsuite HR system with multiple partners, giving them an integrated, ‘single-source of truth’ view of employee data.

As Leigh Joynson, Head of Product explains, “at elementsuite, we hold client’s HR and people data, but we don’t hold their sales data or their profitability data. And clients want to be able to mash that information together. That’s why we built the Integration Builder, to allow them to move the people data out to a separate data warehouse and then integrate that data with their other operational systems.”

How does it work?

“It can use either SFTP technology, which is secure file transfer protocol – a bit like the systems emailing each other, or API technology which is essentially the two systems talking directly to each other without any sort of transfer mechanism”, explains Leigh.

In plain English, that means it allows organisations to rapidly connect, configure and deploy integrated data pipelines between HR systems, business applications, and analytics tools.

And the best thing about the elementsuite’s HR system integrator – you can do it yourself!

You no longer have to wait for your HR software provider and IT department to liaise over complicated code. With our integration builder, you can create and run integrations in minutes with no coding experience necessary.

How it can make your life 10x easier

The integration builder has been used in a number of exciting ways. Here are just some of the fantastic benefits our clients have achieved through our HR system integrator:

Enhanced security

One of the biggest benefits of elementsuite’s HR system integrator is the enhanced security it provides. For example, elementsuite’s integration builder has been used to send joiners, movers, and leavers to an Active Directory so that employees can log in to elementsuite using Single Sign-On. This greatly reduces the effort needed for password resets and general troubleshooting, as well as reducing the risk of data breaches across multiple systems.

Improved efficiency

By integrating your learning and development system with elementsuite, both systems can communicate with each other, reducing the time taken to update employee records. Everything is in one place allowing HR to quickly and easily access the data they need.

Not only that, but if we turn to workforce management – by integrating your learning and development system with elementsuite (that is if you don’t already use elementsuite’s learn module), you can ensure employees that are only trained in certain tasks can be scheduled to work on those tasks only. This helps reduce your operational costs while ensuring the job is completed correctly and all legal necessities are met.

Single source of truth

Integrating elementsuite’s platform with financial tools, such as for employee expenses, you can ensure that employee personal data is up to date and synced between the two systems. This not only gives a single source of truth, but it also allows HR to quickly access accurate insights about their workforce, expenditure, and risk management.

Enhanced employee experience

Last but not least – let’s look at the user experience. By integrating HR systems with other business and HR applications, employees can access all the data they need in one place. All they need to do is enter their information into elementsuite, and it will be consolidated throughout. They can rest assured that their data is updated in a timely manner and secure from any malicious activity.

It’s all about the self service

So, there you have it – the power of elementsuite’s HR integration builder! With our HR system integrator, HR professionals can quickly connect, configure and deploy integrated data pipelines between various systems to enhance security, efficiency, and employee experience.

It’s a game changer for businesses looking to consolidate data and streamline HR processes. And as Leigh Joynson says: “the powerful bit is that you can do it yourself. You don’t need us to get involved.”

The template is there for you to insert all the relevant information and get the business rolling. And with self-service at its core, you can quickly roll out changes without a team of IT specialists. This is especially helpful for organisations that are looking to launch new HR initiatives or want to ensure data accuracy quickly – all from one central location that offers real-time updates on employee information.

So, if you’re looking to streamline HR processes, get the most out of your data, and take ownership of your system integrations, elementsuite’s integration builder is an essential tool for you.

Get in touch today and book a free demo to find out more about how it can work for your organisation.

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