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The only constant is change and that’s truer than ever as businesses seek innovations for the changing world of HR. Your workforce, where and how they work continues to change which means innovation, flexibility, and future-proof HR software is on the ‘must have’ list for many HR leaders and the wider leadership teams.

So, what is the best software for your business? What are the functionalities and characteristics your HR system needs to grow and change with your business? How do you future-proof your HR software? Can you avoid the cycle, cost and disruption of upgrading, and changing vendors to accommodate changing business needs?

Human – personalised employee experience is paramount

Whilst the pandemic has brought about a lot of uncertainty in the world of work, it’s also had a significant impact on the way we engage and manage our people. Providing options around flexibility, remote working and more importantly, the overall employee experience is an essential strategy. The human factor is an overarching requirement when it comes to best HR software for the future. And it is the enabler to putting your people at the heart of your decisions.

It may seem counterintuitive to think about your talent and HR tech together, but advanced, innovative HR software will enable your people feel more in control of their life at work: it’s what they want. HR software should address the real-life needs of the people who use them and are employed by you, whatever their role. Creating an interactive environment that delivers on transparency and is accessible. All of which can be personalised, and will empower employees as well as HR, payroll and other functions across the business.

1. Personalised learning pathways

Everyone has their preferred learning style. The VARK model is often referenced to identify how people learn best: visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic. Personalised learning is one of the most significant trends at the moment and for the future. Utilising the power of technology to enable each and every learner to be treated as an individual. This application of technology empowers staff to take ownership of their learning, have more control and thus increase motivation, commitment and speed of learning. An individual learning path with associated self-assessment, can deliver significantly better results for the individual as well as the business.

2. Personalised performance pathways

Helping your people thrive at work is not only good for them as individuals, but is great for the prosperity of your business. The best businesses ensure their teams understand exactly what is required of them, by providing people with clearly defined responsibilities to ensure total transparency that defines a pathway to success for each individual. Personalised performance compliments this process by ensuring each member of staff is supported in their unique activity, allowing pertinent goals to be set, aspirations to be logged and progression to be outlined. Ultimately, this leads to staff who feel engaged, fulfilled and valued elevating your position an employer of choice.

This personalised approach will unlock the potential of your people, improve their skills and performance, as well as build confidence.

3. Technology supporting a people-first experience

Pioneering HR software for the future delivers an employee-first experience across the entire employee life cycle and tackles an organisations entire human capital management (HCM) needs. These are not just words, they are a reality. Focussed on the user, whatever their role, you can streamline complex HR and payroll processes. This will create a more transparent, resilient and engaged workforce that increases efficiency and boosts productivity. More importantly is always seen through the lens of your people.

  • Simplification and removal of time-consuming administrative processes
  • Reducing risks and errors from manual inputs to improve productivity
  • Elimination of HR inefficiency by consolidating and connecting processes
  • Accessibility delivered through any device, in any location to enable people to choose when and how

Locked in but not locked out

Most HR software contracts lock you in, normally for a 3-5 year term, although we have heard some vendors looking for 10 years. If you are locking in for 5 years, you don’t want to be locked out of the new innovations, improvement and enhancements. Think about an Apple phone, although the hardware is the same, you are continuously benefiting from the updates and improvements Apple make. So, its crucial to make sure you are always current, and that should be exactly the same for HR software. Software doesn’t stand still for 5 years, make sure you reap the benefits.

Innovative HR software vendors, like elementsuite deploy updates every week. Sadly, many vendors only deploy updates to their existing clients every 6 months. Something to look out for.

Always flexible

The way we work today continues to change, with business models constantly evolving to adapt to market conditions and economic realities. That means you need HR software that’s nimble and flexible to accommodate those needs. Flexibility that works with your business, and moulds to your DNA rather than an approach that dictates your HR processes.

HR systems need to be robust, whilst minimising the complexities that HR, payroll and compliance teams face on an ongoing basis. HR software should enable you to easily add, remove and manage different types of employees, contracts and roles. Forward looking HR technology will deliver the flexibility and agility you need, and deliver technology innovation as part of the solution.

Never worry about scheduling again

For companies with shift workers and scheduling, time consuming scheduling often falls on the  Human Resource department’s plate. The larger the office or organization, the more complex the business, the more time consuming the task. Saving time on this essential routine enables you to focus on improving key areas, without having to spend precious time on endless scheduling managements.

If you are a business with complex employee contracts, multiple sites and have staff who work variably, dependent on the shifting needs of the business, then HR software is a must. Wherever the responsibility sits, HR software of the future really lifts the burden of creating rotas, handling shift swaps as well as staff availability. Future HR tech brings together compliance-based learning to inform rosters, as well as RTW, skills and company rules, whilst giving staff total visibility of their time, ensuring this information is accessible on any device. This is truly an employee-first approach, giving staff the opportunity to submit availability, swap shifts, work shifts on different site and not exceed rules or compliance requirements.

Saving time and removing complexity, whilst empowering your people and building operational efficiency is more than just a win-win. Innovative HR software removes the need for physical timesheets and manual data entry. Delivering incredible accuracy in payroll – which can be checked easily on any device, by any employee.

Seamless and integrated

As the demographic of the workforce grows increasingly younger, so the need for solutions that match their expectations and lifestyles increases. For generations who have grown up with the entire world at their fingertips, that means digital HR systems. Your processes much be intuitive, fast and accessible. Importantly this means mobile-first, by appealing to a digitally sophisticated mindset. This is no longer a ‘nice to have’ it’s essential. A younger workforce wants to have total access to their ‘world-at-work’ on their phones; socially posting to their team, accessing shifts, payslips and holiday requests is essential in driving engagement.

Processes need to be integrated across the organisation and accessible on multiple channels. This approach provides connection and alignment with dispersed workforces, remote locations, shift workers and those working from home. Delivering a consistent experience, greater resilience and a positive culture.

Competitive advantages of HR software

Data you can trust with access to it in real-time. Reliable data that can be used for competitive advantage is key. Your employees are the most important resource and success hinges on hiring and managing them. Avoid solutions that cannot deliver data in real-time. And create dashboards that enable you to manage proactively, and highlight areas of potential risk and concern.

  • Data insight that is easy to access, real-time and meaningful will allow you to make data-driven decisions
  • Access to accurate, historical data as well as third party data that manages, detects and analyses trends
  • Capture and monitor employee productivity, engagement and feedback that becomes continuous and dynamic rather than annual and transactional

Future ready, future proof

Fulfill your wish for future ready, future proof HR software. Today’s best HR software is making that a reality. Investing in the solution that’s going to be with you, adapt and change to your needs, whatever they might be enables your to future-proof.

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