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Bottlenecks, workarounds and endless wasted hours

COVID-19 altered everything. Within a couple of short weeks, we were in lockdown and our ways of working changed for ever. HR teams were confronted with the reality of not only managing the wellbeing of their employees, but also navigating legislation changes, furlough leave and the immediate and changing operational demands of their businesses.

So what have we learnt?  We have learnt that all those HR workarounds that were only just manageable pre COVID-19, have become the biggest headache! HR teams are faced with the following challenges from:

  • Executives – who need access to accurate real-time HR data to make business critical decisions
  • Changing Government legislation – that has to be adopted in weeks not months
  • Employees and Managers – needing access to their information through their mobile devices

It has highlighted that companies need to embrace digital HR that:

Simplifies Processes

Let’s first get back to basics.  HR teams need to simplify core HR processes and deliver a seamless route to pay.  Staying compliant is a must, and adapting to changing legislation in order to stay compliant requires a flexible and agile HR solution.

Automates mundane tasks

Tasks that used to be second nature when chatting over a desk or catching up over a coffee – like requesting and getting approval for a holiday, accessing up-to-date policies, updating of RTW documents etc. – now have to be managed in a different way. Your manager might be tied up on Zoom calls, and so tasks need to be digitalised to ensure that employees are empowered, and managers are enabled to transact those mundane activities – any time, any place, anywhere, over a mobile web browser.

Surfaces HR insight

HR Administrators are no longer able to gather department heads into face-to-face meetings to present and voiceover HR metrics and KPIs. Personalised dashboards as required to provide companies with visibility of the metrics required to present real-time management summary information, and to drive employee performance and productivity. Making it fun and engaging also drives behaviours – never before has there been such a need for data with personality.

HR requires humans to make best use of resources – elementsuite is here to help remove complexity and headaches in your HR processes. If you’d like further information, please contact 

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