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elementsuite at the CIPD Festival of Work 2024

This year, elementsuite attended the CIPD Festival of Work 2024, and what a whirlwind of excitement and inspiration it was! With two jam-packed days of insightful conversations and thousands of HR professionals bringing their unique perspectives to our stand, we were thrilled to showcase elementsuite, everyday, and ELLA – the response was fantastic!

With over 13,000 attendees and two interactive demo screens with LIVE explanations of everything everyday, ELLA and elementsuite, the energy was truly electric. Plus, our 6 lives demos and talks, featuring the insights of elementsuite’s CEO Steve Elcock, CSO Sam Buckley and CoS Angela Moyle, sparked lively discussions.

Join us as we take you through the highlights of our experience…

Introducing everyday: HR, Scheduling & Pay software

Sam Buckley introduced us to everyday, the AI-enabled HR, Scheduling, and Pay software designed for businesses with circa 200+ employees.

So, to answer the question that many HR professionals had at the event… What is everyday?

HR professionals have long wanted a HR solution that can be implemented without any hassle, that’s up-to-date on the latest technology, that has a simple and clear user interface, and that’s a one-stop-shop that meets all HR and Scheduling needs.

everyday is just that: A simple, consolidated solution: An all-in-one AI-enabled system for all things HR, Scheduling and Pay, built on elementsuite’s experience and expertise that incorporates best practice features and functionality.

So, in a nutshell, everyday is where simplicity meets expertise. It is the robust solution for all things HR, Scheduling and Pay for businesses with circa 200+ employees.

Want to learn more about everyday? Book a demo today or check out our brochure.

ELLA: The 24/7 AI assistant for all HR needs

Steve Elcock, CEO and Founder of elementsuite, introduced us to ELLA, and the response was nothing short of phenomenal. Safe to say there was a lot of AI-talk at the CIPD, but we loved showing you ELLA LIVE in action. After all, it’s the use cases that count!

ELLA (elementsuite large language assistant) is a completely in-built AI toolset that provides the data security of elementsuite’s platform (and can even be layered over existing HR systems) to accelerate user productivity with all the abilities of an LLM.

Here are some examples of how different users can interact with ELLA:

  • Content generation
    • E.g. “Draft a job advert for a front of house manager at our Cardiff store using our usual company tone” – HR Admin
  • Company knowledge retrieval
    • E.g. “I’ve lost my lanyard, what should I do” – Employee
  • 24/7 HR assitant
    • E.g. “Tell me which employees have holiday outstanding for the year and how much they have left” – Manager
  • Workflow & agents 
    • E.g. “Please book sick leave for Alice McGowan for the past 2 days and send notification to HR” – Manager

ELLA revolutionises HR software with AI-driven capabilities, serving as your 24/7 HR assistant – enhancing productivity whilst ensuring data security.

Want to learn more about ELLA? Book a demo today or check out our brochure.

Exploring the impact of AI on HR

Angela Moyle took a deep dive into the impact of AI on HR functions, exploring how AI is reshaping HR functions in real-life scenarios, covering a wide range of applications. Angela delved into the ways AI can impact HR’s day-to-day activities, offering insights into how these technologies can elevate HR strategies to new heights.

As well as discussing the variety of AI tools available to HR professionals such as AI-powered solutions for creating PowerPoint presentations, designing with Canva, and using video avatars for onboarding and training videos, Angela discussed the ways that HR can go about implementing a single, seamless AI solution into their organisations’, and their own, processes – all while tackling the challenges of PII, IP and Company Confidential Information.

The session truly provided a comprehensive look at the transformative impact on AI on HR (and how far it has come!), offering practical insights and real-world applications that HR professionals can implement to enhance their strategies and operations.

To sign up to Angela’s next AI webinar, ‘HR’s role in AI adoption’, click here.

Hope to see you there next year!

We can’t wait to see you again next year at the CIPD Festival of Work 2025!  Will you take part in our coin drop and win one of the amazing prizes on offer? Will you join one of our much anticipated talks? Or will you drop by to say hi to one of the team? Whatever it is, we look forward to seeing you there.

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