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Exciting HR analytics of the future

Unlocking HR analytics? In the past few years, we’ve seen incredible advances in data capture, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). We’re living in a digital age, a time of digital transformation and incredible intelligence advancements: just ask ‘Alexa’. It’s like finding the key to unlocking Pandora’s box.

In an age of digital transformation, where communications, from so many channels are bombarding us, both in our private and work lives, how we communicate human to human is still very important. Even if B4 has replaced before, and the abbreviation ‘lol’ has several meanings, depending on how old you are!

Hotmail HR analytics

But I *can* tell you this. At a current client – when they hire someone with a Hotmail email address, they are 25% less likely to be there after a year than someone with another email address.

What about a gmail address? Yahoo? Apple? Makes absolutely no difference. There’s just something about Hotmail. I’m not going to speculate what that is in this article, I’m just going to point out that until recently these were the kinds of insights that you would need a research grant and a team of post graduate students to discover. Hiring Managers will kill for this kind of info.

Not any more.

This is the sort of stuff, that makes HR analytics exciting. But its more than that, its communications data and every HR data source across the enterprise, that together is driving insights, smarter decisions and really adding value. In this client example, these analytics are informing the recruitment process and reducing staff churn in a meaningful way.

intelligent data-driven HR

Intelligent, data-driven

Intelligent, data-driven HR is transforming many aspects of how HR teams operate today. The technology is changing fast, and tomorrow is today. We live and shape the future at elementsuite, we already offer advanced reporting functionality as part of the product.

Through my lens I see the future is closer than many others, when it comes to HR transformation, HR technology and HR analytics. With our existing product you can set up custom reports (spreadsheets, charts, you name it) – but what we’re really excited about is AI.

HR has a unique role to play

As we see every day at elementsuite, the proliferation of HR data analytics, IoT-enabled devices and AI continues to positively impact our technology advancements. With built-in implementation methodology and seamless integrations, access to these tools is more accessible than you think.

HR teams need to be thinking about what HR will look like in the future, but in reality, the future is already here. What can and should be automated, and what can’t. The opportunities of adding back job satisfaction, by removing tedious and mundane task, should be liberating. This shift away from more administrative tasks around people management to activities that add value and deliver organisational goals is a win-win. Good for business, and good for individuals, who can develop and grow.

Become data-savvy; learn to speak HR analytics

You don’t have to become a data scientist, but it’s important to have a good understanding of the possibilities of how data can help you solve problems. Solving the problems, you know about and offering solutions to the problems you didn’t know about. That’s the positive outcome of speaking data.

AI is being adopted at an incredible rate, and we’re excited at elementsuite about our AI journey. HR teams should be embracing AI and leading the way, to help drive efficiencies and help businesses succeed.

The HR analytics crystal ball

Well, to be truthful, it’s not a crystal ball, as I know exactly what’s next in the elementsuite HR analytics ecosystem. Our recruitment, training and learning, HR, pay and workforce management products are set to capture even more data than we do already.

With seamless integration this means connectivity and data capture across all your HR processes to give a single data source, and the ability to drill into HR analytics like never before.

  • Run experiments – Is training course A or B better? Elementsuite will be able to allocate half to training course A, half on training course B, and tell you in a year’s time if it made any difference
  • Discover correlations in the data you’d never have thought to look for, and have them automatically highlighted to you
  • Eliminate unconscious bias. Can you be sure that your current recruitment process is truly fair? We will be able to catch accidental bias early and help you recruit a more diverse workforce
  • Is your pay competitive? Do you do enough for staff retention? One thing I’d really like to convince enough clients to do is share anonymised statistics. Everyone will benefit from this. Stay tuned for another article about this in the future.
  • Predict the future! Based on previous St Patrick’s days, how many employees are going to have a mysterious illness this Monday?

And this excites me. Have I convinced you?

I use gmail by the way.

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