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HR technology has advanced considerably over the last 20 years. The HR software industry needed a shake-up. The HR revolution is here, with more companies choosing to automate HR processes in order to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. These are exciting times in the journey of HR digital transformation. A a word of caution, not all HR software is built the same. To help you navigate the confusing options of HR software, here is our guide to HR software categories to help you select what is right for your business now and into the future.

Next generation HR software

Tools to streamline human resource management tasks are more valuable than ever as businesses seek to optimise their most valuable asset: their people. HR software that will simplify the complexity of processes, eliminate errors and frustrations and save time are high on the HR wish list. In the past, HR transformation focussed on making HR services more efficient, faster and cheaper. Now they are business driven, employee-centric, scalable, data-led and flexible. If nothing else, the pandemic has taught us that your HR software needs to be agile. Unfortunately, government schemes such as furlough and flex-furlough revealed the rigidity of legacy systems, driving HR team to resort to many work arounds and excel spreadsheets, and even more headaches. Its one of the drivers to accelerate the implementation of next generation HR software.

HR software to support your business and your human capital

You may start your journey for HR software selection with some desk research. On the surface many providers appear the same, but when you dig a little deeper they are not all created equal.

The HR technology market has exploded, as have their capabilities and complexity, which is great news for you, if you’re looking to purchase. The decision to investment in HR software is significant. Key stakeholders need to be reassured that the final selection will deliver the desired outcomes. The promise of increased productivity, improved employee experience, robust compliance and regulation monitoring, more engaged staff and improved margins.

Powerful, integrated HR software can tackle routine and repetitive processes across the full employee life cycle. Simplifying and streamlining the recruitment processes, onboarding, training, payroll, rota scheduling, time and attendance, employee performance. Human Resource management software enables a combination of automation, digitising and streamlining processes like recruitment, training, payroll, administration, onboarding, performance appraisal, monitoring, scheduling, time and attendance and data-driven insights.

The list is endless, which can make it difficult to select the one that’s right for you.

You’ll find an amazing range of features which can be selected as add-on’s rather than built in from HR software vendors. Many do not play well with others and the implementation costs can escalate as a result of the complexity of integrations. Look for the solutions that have built in flexibility and transparency from the outset, to save you time and money in the selection process.

1. Automation systems

At their most basic level, platforms are designed to automate tasks and processes enabling HR teams to streamline and speed up their ways of working. By automating many tasks, you can free up more time to focus on people-centred tasks. This includes processes like:

  • On boarding
  • Calculating absences and payroll
  • Job changes e.g. promotions, transfers and leavers
  • Authorisation to hire
  • Disciplinary and grievance
  • Performance and salary review
  • Learning and compliance

2. Talent Management

As the name suggests, these platforms are focused around learning and development and talent management processes. Tools that enable the personal development of your people, talent acquisition and development. The HR software category helps you track, measure and reward employee performance.

3. HR digital Transformation

This final category is HR digital transformation. The investment here is software to enable growth and transformation. Changing the way you operate through implementing new technology. HR software that is dynamic, innovative and enables your business to future-proof. In a constantly changing world, business need to be more agile, with the ability to be nimble and not locked into technology processes that don’t work for your business. These will features and functions built in enabling you to choose what you want. This will include

  • Single log-in mobile-first access for everyone
  • Self-drive learning
  • Internal communications
  • Performance and goal management
  • Workforce management tools to smart scheduling and shift planning
  • Real-time data available, giving you actionable insights based on what’s important for your business
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Self-service that empowers your people

Designed to improve employee experience and be far more employee-first in their focus and design. Transformation includes automation of HR processes, but control and management still sits firmly within the business and the teams in its set-up and approach. Great results can be achieved by combining technology and your talent.

Now look for the HR software that works for you

The HR software landscape is wide with many providers focusing on niche areas rather than across the full employee life-cycle. Look out for hidden costs that require additional resources for implementation. Many will have very comprehensive feature lists, some of which are included and some at additional costs.

Stay focussed on your desired outcomes, what you want to achieve and what is right for your business. Some HR software vendors like elementsuite, can also brand the employee experience to match your business and help you create an amazing employee experience that will improve employee engagement.

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