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Choosing the right HR software : The no nonsense guide – White Paper

Choosing the right HR software!

Does it feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get through the mountain of HR tasks, processes and compliance? Are you constantly plate spinning, and just don’t have the time to focus on your people and be proactive? And above all, losing touch with all the reasons you chose human resources as a career path. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to look at your options around HR tech, to help shoulder that burden, streamline processes and improve the employee experience. And save time and money for the business.

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Future proof your HR

The world of work is a revolving door where constant change is the only predictable thing. With profound disruptions and challenges, companies are facing greater pressures than ever. Attracting, retaining and engaging their people, whilst delivering business performance improvements. And above all, delivering value that contributes to increased margins and operational efficiencies. As a result, HR tech is mission-critical. With the need to build flexibility, resilience and future proof processes. Businesses need to plan for the known and the unknown to navigate an ever-changing landscape. Research from Gartner says 48% of HR leaders are prioritising organisational design. 42% are prioritising the future of work. This all means you are not alone.

Choosing the right HR software for your business can be a minefield. But get it right and you can future proof your HR processes. Navigate your way, with a No Nonsense Guide.

Confused about selecting HR software? At elementsuite, we have spent the last year demystifying the entire process. Whether you are at your desk researching or about to sign the contract, we have you covered. Check out our handy resource portal for even more information.

How to choose the best HR software for your business?

What’s most important is choosing what’s right for you. That might seem abundantly obvious. But once you start looking at the plethora of options, it can feel like a minefield. Just think about all the gadgets and functionality on a new smartphone. They wow us when we first see them, but how many of them do we use daily?

When you start talking to HR software vendors and their sales teams, you’ll see all the bells and whistles. Plus functionality that you didn’t know existed. This is great if it helps you, but will it help you achieve your goals, objectives and outcomes? And are they able to help you future-proof your HR processes? Are they scalable and more importantly are they flexible? This is a big decision, so you need HR software that is flexible to your changing needs. You need the flexibility that’s not going to add additional cost for changes to processes. You also don’t want to be left behind either.

As HR software continues to develop: you need to make sure you get updates to your operating systems. Just like the iOS updates with an iPhone. Where and how your workers work continues to change. With more pressure to provide flexible working, you need HR software and processes that are secure. Plus the ability to accommodate any number of scenarios, such as remote and flexible working.

No nonsense HR Tech that delivers the results

What are the functionalities and characteristics your HR system needs? Especially as your business needs change?

Implementing new HR software can be a time-consuming process. But let’s be practical here. The larger your business, and the more complex your organisational structure, the longer it is likely to take. Unleash reports a staggering 84% of HR projects fail. To make sure you are one of the 16% of highly successful projects. Take a look at Why do HR Tech projects fail and how to avoid the pitfalls, for some useful tips. Above all else, it needs to be successful. It needs to work and deliver all that fantastic value that the sales team promised you.

HR tech has changed. The big players have not.

Are the big players still fit for purpose in today’s world of rapid technological change, consistent and quick innovation?

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