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Future-proof your HR technology – wish #7

The words sound like an easy and obvious choice, but for many businesses recognising the gap between their current HR system and process issues and making a decision for a step change can take years. Many of us have read how the restrictions imposed by the pandemic has forced businesses to adapt using technology. But more than that, businesses are accelerating digital transformation, and rather than procrastinating for years, are making decisions to support HR teams with technology that will future-proof their HR.

A recent Granter survey: 2021 HR Priorities Survey highlights that 46% of HR leaders say their priorities are focussed on organizational design and change management. That means you are not alone in looking forward to a system that is agile and will adapt nimbly, easily and cost effectively to the changing needs of your business today and into the future.


The ying and yang of accelerating your HR technology

Although disruption can cause chaos in the short run, the acceleration of digital requirements could be seen as a real benefit to HR and payroll teams, but also to the business as a whole. There are both benefits and limitations of HR tech acceleration.

Some of the common advantages of a more intense approach to digitisation during the pandemic include

  • A more consistent and structured approach to the working environment such as online and digital meetings and utilisation of instant messaging technologies
  • Greater use of analytics, partly due to business needs, business pivoting and business continuity. Better reporting and collation of data
  • Greater attendance and participation of meetings, due to lack of travel and other disruptions
  • More extensive use of existing systems and technologies

Many have seen their technology unable to adapt and straining to cope with an overload of new and variable requirements from HR and the business

  • Siloed data requiring time and resources to give a true picture of current status for planning and predictions
  • Systems at capacity
  • Localised workarounds that expose risk to data and security
  • Excessive use of excel and risk of excel hell
  • System limitations
  • Layers of complexity from new absences types
  • Monitoring and managing new legislative initiatives

These all work on the premise of being able to use your existing systems and technology. The reality for many is that their legacy systems are antiquated and inflexible so could not be updated. The cost of investing and upgrading is prohibitive, and many are no longer adequately supported.


From challenge comes opportunity and the chance to future-proof your HR technology

It’s time to reframe the future of HR and embrace HR technology that will adapt and grow in whichever direction your business chooses. Agility and future-proofing is what’s needed. We understand that HR technology is central to the evolution of HR, with logical automations that work to the beating heart of your unique organisation. No longer do you need to have a ‘piece of software’ dictate people processes to you. In fact, it’s quite the contrary – mobile-first technology that fits naturally into your organisation, that’s intuitive and removes the burden of manual entry.

Elementsuite’s approach, means you can have it all. More than just software, it’s a platform that works like a fabulous lego set creating framework and form that suits your business needs, and the unique complexities of your organisation.


What makes HR technology future-proof?

As its Christmas (and assuming we still believe in a white bearded gentleman) let’s challenge ourselves to ask for anything we wanted and believe we could get it. Asking today for HR technology that is future-proof is a reality. The elementsuite platform is a new breed of HR SaaS that gives you flexibility, enabling you to connect to your existing systems and processes. You don’t need to rip everything out and start again. You have the option to start small and build up – like lego. You don’t have to wait to get started. Imagine the excitement of a young child wishing Christmas Day would arrive sooner… be that child again and your HR wishes can come true.

It might not be gift wrapped under the tree, but implementing future proof HR technology can take just weeks and months, not years. Don’t take our word for it, see how Fridays achieved this.


If you’d like some help future-proofing your HR technology, talk to our Christmas elves on santa@elementsuite.com.

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