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HR alerts to mobile devices – wish #5

The relationship with our mobile phones has changed beyond recognition over the last decade with now over 80% of mobile users using their mobile device as their primary method to browse the internet. A smartphone has become such an integral part of our daily lives that nearly two-thirds of the population suffer from nomophobia — the fear of being without your phone.

That’s why mobile-first HR software with HR alerts and notifications is so high on the wish list for HR teams. Although HR Directors and CHRO’s are calling it HR alerts and notifications, they see this an operational requirement for people managers and other functions around the business.

HR alerts and timely reminders avoids costly mistakes

Receiving timely reminders and notifications relating to key aspects of managing your people can avoid costly mistakes, and streamline the day to day operations of your business. HR alerts and notifications not only support the business, but also mitigate risk and compliance. Alerts and notifications include:

  • Right to work – warnings when permits are due to expire
  • Probation periods: reminders when probation periods are due to end and necessary action
  • Joiners process: highlighting missing information and references relating to new joiners
  • Flexible benefits; renewals, amendments
  • Sick day alerts: flagging a pattern or excessive sick time that may need employee support
  • Employee anniversaries: celebrating time served, birthdays etc
  • Payroll: missing information that may affect ability to pay salaries
  • Holiday accruals: highlighting holiday liability that may impact available staff if not managed effectively
  • Appraisals: notification of annual and 6 monthly appraisal requirements
  • CPD: triggers to progress staff development and training

Save time and avoid errors

You may think that alerts and notifications suggest a reactive process, but in practice they facilitate robust workflow, and trigger a proactive approach that ultimately saves time and avoids errors. As highlighted earlier, alerts to your mobile makes everything feel easy and accessible.

Are your HR teams spending excessive time reviewing reports and conducting analysis of spreadsheets to identify and understand patterns of behaviours, trends and areas of risk? Looking at excessive overtime, patterns of sickness, poor performance or over-staffing is an excessive burden. Gaining insights that enable appropriate and proactive action is what HR teams are asking for. These are business critical, and if the heavy lifting can be done through automation and technology – getting alerts / push notifications to your mobile makes far more efficient HR processes and ensures that data or compliance issues can be accurately tracked and monitored.

A system that automatically monitors your HR data and workflows and sends appropriately secured and authorised alerts to your mobile to process – what could be easier? This is how technology should be used – frictionless, secure and easily accessible.

Customise and personalise alerts and notifications

You can attract and retain the best talent by sending personalised communications that are automatically triggered. Automation does not need to feel impersonal. Each business is unique and has different needs within their processes, so flexibility and customisation is also a requirement.

Are you getting the right information, at the right time to save you time? HR mobile alerts can really improve efficiencies and operational effectiveness. If this is on your Christmas wish list or if you’d simply like more information, speak to us at

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