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Why hotel staff will be smiling with HR self service

OK, maybe the title is a little bit of a stretch, but for hotels where staff are on the go, working different shift patterns, self-service HR solves a lot of challenges for everyone. Often referred to as employee self-service (ESS), this approach to HR allows staff to securely access their own documents, records and details without direct interaction with their HR team. And for hotels, that’s a real bonus. You might not see the smiles, but empowering your people with HR self service you are lifting the HR burden and reducing employee frustration and friction. Are you smiling now?

As an employee, shouldn’t we push back on self-service? HR self-service for hotels might appear counter intuitive, but it puts more control in the hands of your people. Staff want to be empowered. Providing your people with a single, centralised, access to everything from personal information, to holiday booking, from payslips to benefits and training does that. The power of one location saves everyone time and a lot frustration.

But the benefits of self-service HR are much more than that, your people can access what they want, which is a high priority for hotel staff on-the-go. Giving staff more control, means happier staff and HR are fielding less support calls and emails. 24/7 access for everyone, on any device.


Save time and remove repetition

The hire to retire employee life cycle process and activities generates a lot of repetitive and standard queries and questions. This is why HR leaders more than ever, want to deploy a wider set of employee self-service functions. The case for intuitive self-service HR has never been more important as hotels navigate new working practices, different staffing patterns and health and safety changes.

According to McKinsey HR departments spend close to 60% of their time and resources on transactional and operational HR tasks. Does that sound familiar? If your HR and payroll team spends a considerable amount of their time responding to routine employee requests or inquiries around payroll, benefits, staff scheduling and personal information updates, consider how this is impacting your business.

Employee self-service helps businesses to work efficiently, and save some of that valuable time, whilst increasing data accuracy. Data accuracy means more visibility upon which to base decisions. No more manual or multiple data entry, substantially reducing errors and mistakes.

So many companies still rely on excel spreadsheets, word documents and paper files to perform HR tasks and processes. Digitising these processes, saves time in the right areas, creates transparency and ensures a single source of truth when it comes to real-time and accurate data.

Employee self-service tools don’t just benefit HR teams, they benefit the entire workforce. Giving more control to employees instils a greater sense of responsibility and trust. No more holiday forms… a transparent system that staff can check any time. Higher morale, means higher productivity.


Why self-service HR works so well for hotels

According to IBM, 70% of HR executives are looking for HR digital transformation, with a key focus on personalised, transparent, employee experience. HR self-service can really deliver and it doesn’t need to feel impersonal. Self-service can deliver on personalisation, experience and transparency for your people, but it must also be intuitive. It needs to be intuitive for hotel staff who are on-the-go.

Human interaction of course still plays an essential role in HR, but the real value comes with balancing intuitive self-service for high volume transactional tasks (such as holiday bookings or annual review), balanced with access to human knowledge and expertise for high value or advisory tasks. Self-service, people first successes can:

  • Improve employee experience and aid in retaining your key talent
  • Instill transparency and trust across your organisation at all levels
  • Empower managers with the tools to manage and develop their teams
  • Support personal development of staff
  • Reduce and remove friction on transactional tasks that are important to staff such as booking time off

Benefits for your business and your people

Consolidate all aspects of your employee life-cycle into one intuitive self-service interface, delivers efficiencies and productivity. And you’ll win with staff satisfaction. As a result, a wide range of HR processes and operations previously performed on paper or silo-ed activities and workarounds can be handled through a single gateway. Some of the key features and benefits of HR self-service include:

  • Streamlined and consistent communication
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Data accuracy – removal of repeat and duplicate keying
  • Compliance (e.g. GDPR)
  • Faster recruitment
  • Process consistency and agreements – via alerts and notifications
  • Significant cost savings across the organisation
  • Time savings for staff in accessing what they want along with smarter help and support to help them find what they need.
  • Faster onboarding – more efficient, reducing time for staff to be fully contributing in their new roles
  • Peace of mind that data is securely maintained in electronic rather than paper files – with appropriate data governance and compliance with GDPR
  • Improved data collection, management and accuracy also delivers significant improvements in insights, and next best actions
  • Accommodates issues of communication for staff working different shift patterns

Intuitive HR self-service enables your people to take more control, balancing instant access at a time and place that suits them. Whilst having your HR department on hand to deal with exceptions, challenges and the bigger picture.

Balancing the needs of your people with the right HR self-service

The right balance of HR self-service tech and human expertise in Human Resources improves productivity, reduces hours spent on data input, admin and support, and enables HR to correctly focus their efforts where they are needed. There is less frustrations and friction for employees who have more ownership, resulting in happy staff and increased staff retention. You really can have your cake and eat it. As a result, the benefits of HR self service for hotels means you can save both time and money and your staff are smiling.

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