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It’s Monday morning, and the HR manager of a bustling hospitality business is about to start their day. They have plenty of tasks to complete, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee couldn’t be any more inviting as they look at the daunting list of to-dos.

With a deep breath, they take their first sip of coffee, feeling its warmth energise them for the day ahead. Then the realisation hits like a jolt of caffeine. The workload seems overwhelming, and they wonder how they will tackle it all without feeling swamped.

But just as quickly as the panic sets in, a sense of reassurance washes over them. They remember the powerful tool at their disposal – elementsuite, the all-in-one HR software that has been their constant companion in the world of hospitality HR management.

Seamless recruitment and onboarding

First on the agenda is checking who has applied to the latest job postings. Remembering the times when they had to sift through multiple job boards and sort through stacks of CVs, the HR manager smiles in relief.

With elementsuite’s recruitment module, they can easily view all candidate applications in one place. From there, they effortlessly shortlist the best candidates and send interview invitations with a link for the applicant to select the best suitable time slot.

For the unsuccessful candidates, they click a few buttons to send personalised rejection emails – all without having to leave the software.

Suddenly, an email comes through – a candidate has accepted a job offer. Understanding how volatile the hospitality recruitment market can be, the HR manager wants to act fast with the onboarding process, as they know if they don’t, their competitor down the road may poach their new hire.

The HR manager reaches for elementsuite again and sends a personalised onboarding packet with all the necessary paperwork, from contracts right to work documentation requests to elementsuite login details and information about the company. And just like that, with a simple few clicks, their new hire can quickly complete their onboarding process with ease and start feeling part of the family – all before they start.

Real-time communication and enhanced employee engagement

With recruitment and onboarding out of the way, it’s time to focus on maintaining employee relationships and engagement. Using elementsuite’s Facebook-like communication platform, the HR manager sends a message informing their staff of the latest food and hygiene safety standards update.

Then an alert flags up. The results of that bi-weekly pulse survey to gauge the sentiment of the new compensation benefit initiated last week are now ready for review. They open the survey results and review the responses, finding insights that give valuable feedback on how their employees feel about it – all in minutes.

With a better understanding of employees’ feelings, they can act fast and adjust the compensation benefit accordingly.

Data-driven insights

As the HR Manager is already in their elementsuite dashboard, they take a peek at their analytics. With elementsuite’s advanced reporting and analytics feature, they can quickly access data on key HR metrics such as employee absenteeism, turnover rates, and diversity metrics.

They notice that a particular site has higher absenteeism rates than the others. To drill into this further, they filter the data by department and job role to identify where absenteeism is concentrated. It appears that front-of-house staff at a particular site are taking an unusually high number of days off – a surprisingly valuable insight gained from the data.

The HR Manager then looks into the  sales data that surfaced from the integration with the external point of sale system. They immediately saw that sales took a dip when absenteeism was higher, confirming their suspicions and allowing them to take quick action to address the issue.

Armed with this newfound insight, the HR Manager draws up an action plan to understand what is causing this high absenteeism rate in the specific area and how to address it.

Effortless payroll

As it’s coming up to the end of the month, the HR Manager knows it’s time to prioritise payroll.

But what once used to be a full shift (or week) of work, spending countless hours manually entering each employee’s salary into the system, is now a breeze thanks to elementsuite’s automated payroll system.

With elementsuite’s payroll module, all overtime is approved and sent to payroll by the line manager at the end of each shift. And with elementsuites geo-tagging feature, each shift’s actual time and location are recorded and stored automatically, saving them from any possible future disputes.

As this is all automatically updated and compiled into a report for easy submission to payroll – the HR manager takes one final review for the final send-off saving them time, energy, and headaches!

Payroll has never been easier.

The finishing touch

Glancing down at their watch, it appears to be 5 o’clock. A sense of accomplishment washes over them as they realise they have managed to get through the day’s workload gracefully and effortlessly.

Had it not been for their hospitality HR management software, elementsuite, their day would have looked very different. From recruitment to payroll, elementsuite was there every step of the way, helping them to make their life easier.

They no longer have to worry about HR admin taking over their day or ‘forgetting’ essential tasks. With elementsuite in their corner, they know their hospitality business is always running as smoothly and efficiently as possible!

It’s time to call it a day – but the HR manager knows that with elementsuite at their side, tomorrow will be just as successful.

Partnering with Five Guys, TGI Fridays, McDonald’s and Yo Sushi! among many others, elementsuite is revolutionising how HR teams in the restaurant and hospitality business tackle their day-to-day tasks.

By providing a comprehensive suite of HR management tools that allow you, too, can to take control of your hospitality business, you can ensure that every aspect of your organisation runs like clockwork.

Book a free demo today and see how elementsuite can help you become a hospitality HR management superhero!

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