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Front Line Workers Wants More Flexibility At Work – Here’s How To Do It!

There is no denying that the modern workforce craves flexibility at work. Whether it’s the ability to work from home, have a more fluid schedule, or easily swap shifts with colleagues -flexible options are highly sought after. And as a savvy HR professional, you know that happy employees often lead to increased productivity and profitability for the company.

Many office workers enjoy a good degree of flexibility at work. Especially in a post-pandemic world – the shift to remote work has allowed for more flexibility in where and when these employees do their jobs. But what about those front line workers who are tied to a physical workplace, such as factory workers, doctors, hospitality staff, or retail workers?

Front line workers are the backbone of any organisation, yet research shows that some of the reasons that the vast majority are considering a job change are due to a better work-life balance, and more flexibility with their work.

It’s a tricky one, because the traditional 9-5 and work from home benefits that their office based colleagues enjoy just aren’t realistic. But this shouldn’t mean they can’t have some flexibility at work!

This is where our HR software comes to the rescue. How, you may ask?

Availability at the touch of a button

Your front line employees may have to be on site during working hours, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some control over their schedule. A good HR software allows them to request leave, and update their work availability (with the days that they are available to work and those where they cannot work) from their phone or computer, giving them a sense of ownership over their work life balance.

This is particularly helpful for those who work shifts, and need to juggle other commitments such as childcare or studying. For instance, a retail assistant may want to request leave for an upcoming exam, or want to highlight their availability in the next upcoming weeks to accommodate childcare commitments. The HR software allows them to do this quickly and in real time, rather than having to wait for approval from a manager or workforce planning team.

And for managers, it’s all in one central place for easy viewing. No more managing multiple spreadsheets or chasing employees for updates – it’s all in one easy to use platform.

Shift swapping made easy

Nothing screams out “flexibility at work” quite like being able to easily swap shifts with colleagues. And with a HR software, this can be achieved without the need for manager or workforce planning approval.

Employees are able to view their own shift patterns, as well as those of their colleagues, meaning they can easily arrange a mutually convenient shift swap – allowing them to have more control over their schedule, and avoid any last minute panic.

No more pesky back and forth emails or handwritten notes on the staff room fridge. HR software has got your back.

Empowering employees with employee self service

We all know the power of delegation – and HR software allows employees to manage tasks that would typically need to be completed by managers or HR – all through employee self-service.

This could include updating personal details, applying for leave and checking payslips – freeing up valuable time for managers, as well as empowering employees with autonomy over their own tasks.

Let’s not to mention that troublesome GDPR – with HR software, employees have secure and easy access to their own personal data. One golden record, and one less thing for HR to worry about – everyone’s a winner!

Geo-tagging and fencing for those who work on the go

And last but not least, for those who work out and about – a HR software with geo-tagging and fencing capabilities allows for efficient time and attendance management.

Whether employees are clocking in at a manufacturing site, or checking into a hotel for their shift – this technology helps accurately track the location of your staff, as well as automating timesheet completion.

It allows employees the flexibility to work where they need to, without the added hassle for HR or managers constantly messaging or calling to confirm their whereabouts. It also helps ensure accurate payroll processing – another win for HR.

So, there you have it. HR software may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to flexibility at work, but as you can see, it really does make a difference by allowing control over schedules, shift swapping and managing tasks. And who doesn’t love a bit of empowerment and efficiency?

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to upgrade your HR game and embrace the flexibility revolution. Your employees (and HR team) will thank you for it.

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