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One size does not fit all: The road to tailored employee engagement solutions

As HR professionals, we all know the power of engaged engaged employees – they are the backbone of an organisation, driving productivity and innovation. However, when it comes to implementing employee engagement strategies within a multi-brand organisation, things can get tricky.

While it might seem tempting to apply the same HR and employee engagement approach across the board, it’s not always the best strategy. Why? Because no two brands are the same – each brands has its own unique target audience, distinct culture, and its own way of getting things done.

That’s why organisations with multiple brands must tailor their engagement strategies based on each brand’s needs.

Why ‘one size fits all’ falls short

What happens when you try to fit a square peg into a round hole? It just doesn’t work. No matter how hard you try, that square peg will never fit into the round hole.

The same goes for employee engagement strategies in multi-brand organisations. While you may find a great strategy that works well for one brand, it’s not guaranteed success across the board.

For example, let’s say you have two brands under your organisation – Brand A and Brand B. Brand A caters to a younger, tech-savvy audience, while Brand B targets a more experienced and traditional clientele. Are the people that you hire to serve these customers going to be the same? No, they are not. Then why should your employee engagement strategies be the same?

Conversely, each brand may have the same target audience but are based in two very different locations, with employees with different values and cultural backgrounds. Again, would it be wise to doctor the same remedies, when there may be different factors at play?

The bottom line is, in these scenarios, implementing the same employee engagement strategy for both brands would not be effective. This mismatch between a generic engagement strategy and the unique characteristics of each brand can lead to disengagement, decreased morale, and ultimately hinder the organisation’s success as a whole.

Recognising the unique needs of each brand

Therefore, adopting a more nuanced and customised approach is crucial to harnessing the power of engaged employees in a multi-brand environment. Here are some key actions you could consider taking:

Conduct surveys:

Start by conducting employee surveys to gather feedback from employees across all brands. This will help you understand what motivates and engages them and their pain points. You could do an overall engagement survey or gauge their sentiment over current initiatives, training programs, or company culture. But if you want to know what works best for your different brands – start by asking the people behind the brands first.

Analyse data:

Then, use the insights from the surveys, along with external talent market data to identify patterns and trends specific to each brand. This will help you understand each brand’s unique needs and tailor your engagement strategies accordingly.

Involve leaders and people managers:

We put this here, as it cannot be overstated on how crucial it is to involve leaders and people managers from each brand. They deeply understand their employees’ needs, challenges, and strengths and need to be role model champions of your engagement strategies. Therefore, by working with them and placing the data in their hands, you can create more targeted approaches that resonates with the employees.

How elementsuite can help

  1. Feedback mechanisms: Gathering feedback from employees is essential for understanding their engagement levels, what initiatives they will best respond to, and what the organisation needs to improve upon. elementsuite offers a range of feedback mechanisms such as surveys, pulse checks, and performance reviews that can be tailored for each brand. And with mobile access that sends alerts and reminders, you can ensure a high response rate, making the gathering of insights from all employees easier.
  2. Secure brand isolation: With robust security features, ensuring that leaders and managers of one brand can only access insights and data specific to their brand, elementsuite offers complete brand isolation. This ensures that each brand’s unique needs and challenges are addressed without overlaps or confusion while safeguarding data privacy and preventing cross-brand interference.
  3. Centralised access for HR departments: With a centralised platform, the organisation’s HR department can access data from all brands in one place. This helps them gain a holistic view of employee engagement across all brands and identify any common trends or bottlenecks that need to be addressed.
  4. Tailored reporting and analytics: elementsuite offers customisable reporting and analytics features, allowing HR professionals to generate brand-specific reports and insights based on the data gathered from surveys and other integrated sources. This helps identify areas of improvement for each brand, track progress, and make informed decisions. And it’s all in real-time, meaning you can quickly adapt and make changes as needed.
  5. Customisable Engagement Plans: Flexibility is key. HR professionals can use elementsuite to create customised engagement plans for each brand. Whether it’s designing different training programs, wellness initiatives, or communication strategies, as an enterprise all-in-one HR and Workforce Management software, elementsuite provides all the tools to tailor these plans to suit each brand and its unique employee engagement needs.

Thriving brands, thriving organisation

Ultimately, the success of each brand within a multi-brand organisation contributes to the collective triumph of the conglomerate. By crafting tailored engagement strategies, you empower each brand to thrive in its unique market and culture, propelling the organisation towards new heights of achievement. And elementsuite is here to support you every step of the way with our secure, customisable, and centralised enterprise HR software.

So why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach when you can unlock each brand’s full potential with elementsuite?

Let’s work together towards building an engaged and thriving organisation. Book a demo now to see how elementsuite can transform employee engagement strategies.

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