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The critical role of project planning in HR software implementation

The days of HR software implementation resting solely in the hands of IT departments are behind us. Instead, a new era has dawned, placing the responsibility firmly in the hands of HR leaders. Now, not only are HR tasked with seeking the right HR software for their unique organisation, but they are also responsible for seeing its successful implementation.

But with the complexities of the HR department, and their responsibility for the company’s personnel, it is not always easy to manage a project of this scale. The top challenges faced with HR software implementation are: sticking to deadlines, keeping to a budget, and securing an efficient all-in-one HR software.

Time is precious; time also costs money. And when you need to ensure that your HR department is running seamlessly, on-time and within budget, it becomes essential that you have the right tools to help.

That’s why elementsuite have designed what we like to call the ‘Project Planner’ as part of our suite of products made specifically for organisations implementing new systems into their business.

Consisting of a comprehensive tracking of tasks, resources, and timelines, so that each member knows precisely what to do to keep the project on track, this Project Planner provides an excellent platform to help with project success.

Maintaining timelines

Delays in any project phase can have a cascading effect, causing setbacks and ultimately stretching the implementation process. But with the elementsuite’s Project Planner acting as a central hub, clearly outlining the sequence of tasks and their respective deadlines, the implementation team’s collective focus remains targeted and on-track.

For instance, if the Project Planner flags the requirement to submit data in a specific format by a certain date, the project team can immediately address any delays in fulfilling this task. This visibility of the sequence of tasks, milestones and deadlines allows for faster resolution of bottlenecks, ensuring that implementation stays on-track and within budget.

Keeping budgets in-check

Budget-overruns are a common concern in HR software implementation. When each party are unaware of their individual responsibilities that drive the project forwards, or when changes to the scope are not accounted for, timelines are prolonged, and costs can quickly spiral.

This is where the Project Planner becomes even more helpful. By outlining each step of the implementation process, highlighting what and when each team needs to deliver, it ensures that the entire project is monitored closely.

The Project Planner is also updated in real time, enabling everyone involved to collaboratively plan, monitor resource, and track deviations live in relation to the project timeline.

So, if there are any changes to the original scope of work, or additional tasks need to be completed in order to move forward, then each can clearly be seen and budgeted accordingly.

Identifying dependencies and risks

A well-executed HRIS software implementation involves multiple interconnected tasks. It requires interdepartmental collaboration and coordination, and the ability to identify critical dependencies, risks and other potential areas of delay.

The Project Planner allows HR leaders and our implementation team at elementsuite to quickly assess each task within the scope of work, highlighting any dependencies and potential risks that play a crucial role in maintaining project integrity. This information is then used to develop a structured plan, mitigating any potential delays and budget overruns.

Monitoring progress

Maintaining accurate records of all progress, tasks, and milestones is the foundation of successful project management. And monitoring every step of the of the implementation process in real-time can be the difference between an on-time and on-budget HRIS software implementation, or a project that runs late and over budget.

With elementsuite’s Project Planner, stakeholders can continuously check the progress of each task, ensuring that milestones and deadlines are met. They can also easily assign tasks to team members, track its completion status and review any discrepancies through the built-in audit log.

At the end of the day, successful HR software implementation comes down to the effective use of the right tools. With elementsuite’s Project Planner, you’re able to maintain clarity on timelines, track progress and keep everyone in-the-know, making sure your HRIS implementation is completed on time and within budget

Maximise implementation efficiency with project planning

Travelodge and OCO Westend are two examples of organisations that have successfully leveraged elementsuite’s Project Planner to achieve on-time and on-budget HRIS software implementations.

“We are thrilled to have gone live with elementsuite to the timeline agreed at the outset of the programme.” Hannah Thompson, Chief People Officer at Travelodge

By providing transparency, maintaining timelines, ensuring efficient resource allocation, and facilitating collaboration, the project planner acts as a catalyst for success.

With the power to identify risks, address dependencies, and monitor progress, you can confidently navigate the complexities of HRIS software implementation and achieve your desired results.

At elementsuite, we’ve put together the perfect toolbox for your project planning, enabling you to maximise time to implementation and save costs. But don’t worry, we won’t throw you in the deep end. Our team of expert implementation specialists will be with you every step of the way, offering strategic guidance and support to ensure your HR software implementation is a success.

Let us help you make the most of your project planning process. Contact us to learn more about our project planner and how it can get you on track for a successful HRIS software implementation.

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